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Four Signs you Heat Pump at Home Needs Service

Just like other HVAC systems, heat pumps are prone to encountering different issues. Although you are using the system regularly, you must be aware of signs that it’s time for a professional repair. Being able to spot issues early will save your heat pump from serious damage. Below are some signs you need heat pump service.

Defrosting Issues

Your heat pump defrosts by shifting the system from heating to cooling, turning the door fan off and utilizing the heating to thaw the outdoor unit. If this occurs the air handler’s electric heaters will come on to control the coldness of the blown air. Once the defrosting happens, the system switches back into heating and turn the outdoor fan back on. These processes create some noise but if the system goes into this mode very often, it must be serviced to check refrigerant change or operation.

Mode Switch Issues

Heat pumps can serve as either an air conditioning or heating system. But, they will lose this ability if they become stuck in one mode. In case your heat pump does not switch modes, its reversing valve may be in trouble. This valve directs refrigerant one way or the other through the pump to make it cool or heat. It should be fixed by a technician to restore the system’s proper operation.

Presence of Leaks

A heat pump can leak either refrigerant or condensate. A condensate leak is only a runoff from the coil used by the system for cooling the home. While this leak does not cause instant damage to the system, it should be fixed. But, a refrigerant leak will compromise the ability of the heat pump to cool or heat. A decline in the system’s refrigerant system can reduce its ability to cool the house. Over time, the pump will fail completely. Whenever you see fluid leaking from the system, call for repairs right away.

Short Cycling

This problem is a major threat to your heat pump. It happens when the pump turns itself on and off every few minutes without reaching a full cooling or heating cycle. As a result, the system cannot condition your home properly. Also, short cycling makes the system wear out much faster. In fact, the system is more likely to develop other problems and must be replaced earlier than those that do not short cycle. If your heat pump is experiencing this problem, contact a professional right away.

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