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Things To Consider When Selling A Home

After a lot of contemplation you decided to list your home and are thinking about the next steps. Whether downsizing or buying your first family home you are excited to move into the next phase of your life but could use some guidance. Dealing with a professional realtor is always suggested but there are some things you can do on your own to aid you in the process.

Being proactive means selling your home will be a more positive experience. If you plan on purchasing a new place after yours has sold search Springfarm Yorkhill Ontario homes for sale and see what is on the market. Just remember listing a property should not be done on a whim. It is a big undertaking and affects your life as you move forward. Take the time to come up with a plan. Being organized diminishes stress and make it much more fun.

  • Budgetary Concerns 

As with many things in life your budgetary concerns should be the first thought when selling your home. If you are purchasing a new home after yours has sold figure out what your final asking price has to be. Look into costs such as the penalty your bank might charge for breaking a mortgage contract. Calculate what the realtor’s commission is. You do not want to be caught off guard by expenses you have not anticipated.

  • Buyer or Seller’s Market 

If you are lucky you are listing in a market in which houses are receiving offers quickly and people are paying the asking price. You have to know this before you list as this can affect how you deal with the endeavour. If the market favours sellers then you want to be sure you have somewhere to go after you accept an offer. If it is more of a buyers market, your house likely won’t move over night. Knowing this beforehand lessens frustration.

  • Home Appraisal and Listing Price 

Getting your home appraised is an important part of prepping for the sale of your home. Though not everyone considers this, a professional appraiser can give you a better idea of what your property is worth and this can help when you and your realtor are setting the price. Listing a house too high or too low can have implications into the future so take the time to set it properly.

  • Closing Date 

Depending on whether you are moving to a residence you already own or are planning on purchasing or renting a new house your closing date is something you should think carefully about. If you are in a sellers market buying again may be more difficult. If there is not a lot of inventory this can pose a problem or at the very least mean setting your closing date is a pivotal decision in the process.

  • House Repairs 

If you have house repairs you have been putting off this is the time to dust off your tools and get to them. Fix that crooked gate and replace those missing window screens. Fill in any dents in your walls and and find your missing garage door opener. Though you have grown used to living with them a potential buyer notices little issues and they may affect your bottom line.

  • Home Maintenance 

While similar to repairs maintenance is slightly different. It includes cleaning out your eave troughs and repairing any damaged drain spouts. If you have a septic system be sure it has been serviced on schedule and empty it if necessary. Have a professional come in for furnace maintenance and to clean out the ducts. A gas fireplace may need some TLC.

  • Landscaping the Yard 

If you happen to have a backyard contemplate hiring a landscaper to come in for a day or two to do any needed pruning and yard work. A tidy outdoor area can be an important feature for many buyers. The front yard is what people first see so you need to make a positive impression. If you have a patio instead of a yard take time to clean it and fix any flaws or damage. Put some chairs and a table on the deck creating the illusion of additional space.

  • What’s Next 

Being organized after your house has sold is also a great idea. You do not want to have a closing date with nowhere to go. Be aware of the market and put a plan in place. This also contributes to creating a positive experience when selling or purchasing a home.

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