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Why Homeowners Choose Wood when Building their Homes

Lumber is one of the most popularly used building materials in the construction industry. It offers a space a modern and luxurious touch. There are many reasons homeowners prefer to use wood for their homes. They include the following:

Wood is Renewable

As long as the wood is harvested properly, it is far more sustainable than its metal alternatives. Building materials such as aluminum and steel require lots of energy to manufacture. Wood harvested from the forest is replaced to ensure a consistent stream of resources without causing negative effects on the environment. Also, the fragile ecosystems in the area these trees are planted are taken care of. Areas where animals and plants live are allowed to flourish and forest managers pay attention to planting and harvesting elsewhere. Also, they maintain the area’s natural plant diversity and water quality.

Wood is Recyclable

Timber can be recycled and repurposed. The extra lumber not used during construction can be used for other projects. Old barn wood, pallets, and hardwood floors can be repurposed into furnishings such as wine racks, tables, shelving, and more.

Wood that can be repurposed is often available at salvage yards, from remodeling contractors, or even lumber yards. If you are planning to fill your house with timber to enjoy its sustainability, go for reclaimed wood.

Wood is Certified

Because you want to use lumber for your home, you want to make sure it comes from a sustainable forest. You can verify this by getting certified lumber. Whether you need fire resistant lumber or pressure-treated lumber, you want to choose one that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This lumber was harvested in forests that are responsibly managed. FSC is committed to conserving and prioritizing biodiversity, wildlife protection, and forest regeneration. Moreover, you can look for the chain-of-custody certification that monitors the journey of timber in its entirety. This lets you know the steps involved from forest to furniture. This certification offers solid evidence on the sustainability of lumber.

But, it is important to note that verified sustainable lumber is usually more expensive than other options. Fortunately, as more businesses commit to such standards, their prices continue to drop. It is just important to look for a supplier that is transparent about the source of the wood in terms of the environment protection. A reputable lumber supplier should be able to give you whatever information you need about their products.

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